Soon new track with Laucco „Victory” in Beyond The Stars Recordings!! And new remix in Sundance Recordings!! more info soon!!


Here is new collaboration with Laucco in Beyond The Stars Recordings 🙂
Release Date: 12.02.2018
DreamLife & Laucco – Amaranth (Original Mix)

DreamLife delivers emotional trance track called 'Amaranth’ in collaboration with Laucco. We can deeply feel how amazingly both complemented the original idea by giving to it a message of tranquility with a magical melody.

Do not miss our another portion of uplifting trance!

Hey All!! 🙂 Time for the summary of 2017!

It was undoubtedly an amazing year for me. Many releases have come out this year from me, a lot of hard work.

This year it was released 22 tracks/remixes.

Remixes were released to producers such as: Andy Groove, Javii Wind, Miguel Angel Castellini, Ar-2, Karim Farouk, Raphael Bennett & Mario B, Pavel Tkachev & D Edge , Ataraxia, Abide 138, Delta IV, tranzLift.

My tracks/remixes were released in labels like: Abora Recordings, Pulsar Recordings, Sundance Recordings, Trancer Recordings, Beyond The Stars Recordings, Maraphobia, Aurora Melodies, TFB Records, Condura Sounds.

New Collaboration with Grande Piano, Delta IV, Cosmic Heaven
My tracks/remixes were supported by Aly & Fila, Ori Uplift, Ahmed Romel,tranzLift, Roger Shah Official Artist Page, Alex John Georgoulis, LayDee Divine, Ricc Albright, David E. Calzado Fuentes, AlYf, Jenny Karol, DJ WISS, Andrew Prylam, Cosmic Heaven, Lazarus, Ash K & Junior, Alex Van Gray, Grande Piano, DJ Phalanx, Danny Oh, KUNO, DJ Nick Turner and many many more(I’m sorry I can not list everyone).

Also big thanks to the promoters who supported me and made amazing videos especially for Lisa Rist TranceDivine Videos but also for TranCeforming The World by KLU, A World Of Trance TV, Sounds For GoosePumps, Trance Jimmy Music TV, Trance Sounds Of Heaven, Tonda Hanak Trance Music and many more.

This year created a new radio show „A Magical Emotional Story” in 1Mix Radio.

I played my sets on such radios as 1mix Radio,, NeRadio. I did guestmixy for Trance Army, Skorych, Matt Paul, Danny Oh, Ricc Albright, tranzLift, Uplifting Trance Selections and more.

We organized a big trance event „Re:Trance Beauty From Heaven” with Ricc Albright and Jenny Karol, turned out to be a great success!

Our track Lettera DAmore is track of the year 2017 in Uplift Only

Of course, thanks a lot to my friends and fans who are always with me and support me! Big Thanks for All <3

It was a great and special year, but I hope that the next year will be even better! 🙂

New Remix in Delaforce Recordings
For the second remix included we have a song produced by DreamLife, who shows a pure Uplifting sound since the very beginning. Soon, the melody is added to the mix as an injection of purity, which helped by the stunning floating ambience, makes of this song, a great emotional tune since its first notes. What awaits for us in the breakdown is hard to explain, is a short mix of orchestral-epic melodies that will just turn your mind upside-down. Do not miss the chance to be surprised by the unexpected beauty of this marvellous production. Let your spirit free to follow the guidelines set up by the overwhelming beauty of this song. Flawless gem brought by DreamLife!


New releases in TFB Records

TFB Records presents its release number 261, bringing the new original song by DreamLife, 'In The Clouds’; also including two remixes by the always welcome producers Obi and Patrick Dreama.
The original song shows a great Uplifting sound since its very beginning, keeping the BPM at a not so high rate, letting the main melody and the rest of the sounds to surf on top of the baseline with ease. All the different ingredients surround us, prepairing the path for the breakdown. Once we fall into this break, an unstoppable rush of emotions welcomes us taking our mind into one of the deepest journeys we have recently experienced. The level of epicness of this song is completely astonishing and, with the purest orchestral sound, the song will take our soul to the next level. If you like to feel new emotions deep into your heart, do not miss this impressive original song!
Obi is the producer signing the first remix we find into this release. As he usually does, he has empowered the general level of the baseline, giving to these thick sounds a greater presence into the mix. When the breakdown is reached, everything calms down and the hidden beauty of the melody finally comes out to perform a wonderful part. Right after, the tension starts to be gathered and, together with the melody, rises quickly to explode into the climax of the song where the true Uplifting soul of this masterpiece is revealed. Obi again shows why he is one of the top producers right now with this fantastic work thata will fullfil all the needs of the Uplifting lovers!
The third cut included in this release has been produced by Patrick Dreama, a producer who has bet for an even greater powerful sound for his remix. With such a gorgeous amount of energy within the baseline, a subtle bright sound arises from beneath to perform the melody. This melody soon gets all its complete essence when the breakdown comes, where ir releases its true beauty and power, becoming a leading melody with a great percentage of energy within its notes. This leading sound, help on rising the overall tension of the song until everthing collapses and the unstoppable rush of the climax floods every corner of our body. Very impressive remix by Patrick Dreama, reaching unbelievable levels of power at the same time he shows one of the finest Uplifting sounds out there!! Congratulations!

New track with Cosmic Heaven is comming
Released by:
Release date:
27 November 2017
DreamLife & Cosmic Heaven – Perseids (Original Mix)

Two rising stars are joining Maraphobia with a solid uplifter called 'Perseids’.

DreamLife and Cosmic Heaven are already growing fast in the trance scene, and this track is a great proof why!

DreamLife & Grande Piano – Lettera D’Amore
Label: Abora Recordings
Release Date: 30.10.2017

This release is definitely a special one. By drawing on the core elements of their styles, the two producers deliver an astonishing emotional song that will make you lift off during the breakdown, and fly during the climax. Only one word comes to mind whilst listening to this release: bravissimo!


New Release in Pulsar Recordings

DreamLife – Sky Reflection

His artist name says it all, it is a life made of the most beautiful dreams and wonderful melodies, floating freely as the music carries you. We are talking about Poland’s rising trance star DreamLife, who brings us his newest original work called Sky Reflection.

The intro gets things going with uplifting beats and inspiring strings which soon get joined by a wonderful piano melody; giving us a hint of things to come. From there the production slowly subsides, leaving us with gentle piano melodies that have come straight out of the heavens. It doesn’t take long before the majestic strings reappear and give wings to the whole composition. the sky reflection now becomes clear. All you have to do is to let go and enjoy this blissful moment.



After a round of amazing remixes for our label it is time for one Poland’s finest trance talents to deliver his first original work on Pulsar Recordings. We are talking about DreamLife, a producer who always seems to find that right emotional setting, and it is no different with this single as well.

Eternal Love starts promisingly from the very start, with those big beats, rolling basslines and rich, atmospheric synths. But don’t be caught up yet, as the best part is about to come and that is the magnificent breakdown full of emotions, and in this piece we are sensing that besides euphoria a feeling of sadness seems to be portraying through as well, making this track really one of a kind.

Release date: 14 August 2017



Hey Everyone!! 🙂
Are you ready for a huge dose of emotion? Do you want to feel the magic of music? If so, you have to be here!! Trance music will lead you to euphoria!! Trance music is like a magical story about life and emotions, addictive as a drug!!
I’m starting a new show on the second Sunday of each month!
„A Magical Emotional Story”
Episode 001 will be 13.08.2017 – 21:00 CET, 19:00 GMT
1Mix Radio

Will mix for you DreamLife!!

I invite you!! 🙂

tranzLift – Magical Journey (DreamLife Remix) in Beyond The Stars
tranzLift’s 'Magical Journey’ has undergone a makeover and this time we have brought you two remixes to have you sailing through the beauty of the night.

DreamLife picks things up from where we left off with 'Magical Journey’ and transports you back in time to a period of classic trance bliss. Taking us higher and higher as the track goes on – this here is one that will not be forgotten.

Global Release Date: 14/08/2017 (All Stores)

Hello! Update on the site!!
There are two new sections.
BUY – There you can buy my tracks and
MIXES BY DREAMLIFE – There you can listen to my mixes!


New Release in Trancer Recordings
Delta IV – Let It All Behind (DreamLife Remix)
Released: 10th July 2017 (Beatport) 24th July 2017 (All Stores)
Prepare to be in Trance heaven with Delta IV´s new release Let It All Behind. Featuring a breathtaking remix by DreamLife that will leave you speechless!



New Release in Sundance Recordings

Ataraxia & Abide – Vobe (DreamLife Remix)
Promo : 3rd July 2017
Beatport : 17th July
All Stores : 31st July 2017

One of Sundance Recordings most consistent producer is DreamLife. His remix is an uplifting sensation with a distinct orchestral feel in the breakdown and a climax of epic proportions for those fans of euphoric. An impeccable alternative, worthy of much attention.



New Release in Pulsar Recordings

Pavel Tkachev & D Edge – Heartsore (DreamLife Remix)

Release Date: 26-06-2017

On remix side of things we have Poland’s most promising trance talent, DreamLife. The big driving basslines and care free melodies is what this track is all about. Breakdown opens up a new dimension of emotions with soaring strings and melancholic piano melodies which have come straight out of the heaven… all you have to do is let go and enjoy this beauty.



Teaming up once again, these two producers are no strangers to working together. Mario B & Raphael Bennett pair up for a whirlwind production on Sundance Recordings with their track titled, 'Sign Of Life’.

Completing the release is DreamLife take on the original which reimagines the track into a rollling peak-time melodic uplifting. Full on DreamLife trance elements; rippling synths, grooving atmospherics all feature, to reconstruct 'Sign Of Life’ into a mesmerising display of proper euphoric Trance.

Official Release: 10th July, 2017



New Release, this time in Aurora Melodies
Karim Farouk – Lost In Sahara (DreamLife Remix)
Beatport Exclusive 01/06/2017
All Store: 15/06/2017


Label: Beyond The Stars Recordings

Artist : DreamLife
Title: Slave Of Love

Release Date: 19 June 2017

Look no further if you want to be surrounded by gorgeous tones, a transformative melody and an atsmophere that will sweep you far away into an ethereal state. DreamLife has come with a mystical track in 'Slave Of Love’ that will have your body and mind opened to the heavens.
New Release in Trancer Recordings
Artist : DreamLife
Title: Walk Alone
Remixer: Delta IV

Released: 15th May 2017 (Beatport) 29th May 2017 (All Stores)


Next Release by Pulsar Recordings!
Artist : Ar-2
Title: Never Forget
Remixer: DreamLife

On remix side of things we have DreamLife from Poland, who gave this track his own treatment. The intro starts more lightly when compared to the original but in the breakdown it opens up with a different piano for the main melody followed by an amazing orchestral section behind it. It doesn’t take long before the synths take over and bring it up for one driving uplifting trip which you will enjoy till the very end.


Miguel Angel Castellini make his debut appearance on Sundance Recordings with an epic uplifter single titled, ’Lighting The Stars’.

The Original Mix is a remarkable uplifting track with solid beats, an extraordinary breakdown and mesmerizing harmonies. Amazing work by Miguel!

Behind the remix, we have the sensation Polish producer of the moment DreamLife, who brings us its very own emotional interpretation. Get ready for the beautiful melodies and sparkling sounds!

Close your eyes and fly away with this beauty release.

Promo : 17th April 2017
Beatport : 1st May 2017
All stores : 15th May 2017



Producer: Javii Wind
Remixer: Arsen Gold and DreamLife
Genre: Uplifting Trance
Catalog #: SDR122
Official Release: 17th April, 2017

Prolific Argentinian producer Javii Wind returns to Sundance Recordings with his debut label release in the gorgeously uplifting 'Endless Waltz’.

With a string of heavily supported releases in recent times, Javii Wind brings his unique style in a superbly crafted production journeying through blissful, atmospheric Trance plucks and an underlying, gritty driving energy. Perfect for the peak-time!

First up on the remix duties Arsen Gold returns to Sundance Recordings, offering this time his Emotional Mix, is sure to become a dance floor regular with its warm, bright synths and emotional melody. Arsen Gold utilises euphoric, uplifting emotion which complements a fast & energetic beat.

Rounding things off, DreamLife with hot-on-the-heels of the beautiful remix filled with angelic touches and dreamy overtones. He once again lives up to his name and brings an elegant & rounded production to the label.


DreamLife returns to Sundance Recordings following his debut release 'Magic Ocean’, offering this time the entrancing 'The Last Sunset’.

DreamLife supplies yet another brilliantly building journey through an emotional plucks and lush piano melodies, coupled with classical orchestral arrangement, heart-wrenching leads in the breakdown and rolling bass at the drop.

Proving he’s one of the scene’s most coveted talents with yet another superb uplifter. DreamLife is back with the superb 'The Last Sunset’.

The release also includes the Intro Mix.

Official Release Date:-
All Stores : 20th March, 2017


Abora Recordings is pleased to introduce a new rising trance star: this is DreamLife with his single 'Fly Away’.
Combining lush melodies with hypnotic basslines during the introduction, DreamLife then leads us into a magnificent breakdown composed of wonderful orchestral elements with an oriental touch. The breakdown then builds up to a marvelous melodic climax that will send shivers down your spine!
This release also includes a radio edit.
DreamLife makes an impressive debut in the Abora family. We cannot wait for you to hear what he has in store next.” @ Abora

Available From Stores
Worldwide – 6th Feb 2017


•Artist : DreamLife
•Remixer : Eric Senn
•Title : Magic Ocean

DreamLife continue to show his credentials as rising stars in the trance scene. He returns with another beautiful track titled, 'Magic Ocean’.

The Original Mix is a full on, driving melodic trancer, perfect for the peak-time dancefloors, and will surely cement DreamLife’s growing reputation as an artist to be watching out for!

On the remix duty, we welcome Eric Senn. He brings all of these elements to the fore once again, heart-wrenching melodies, classical orchestral arrangement, backed up by a driving basslines and percussion to deliver a completely pure trance package that’s guaranteed to delight.

This release is definitely a hands in the air euphoria.


Next Release by Pulsar Recordings!
Artist : Andy Groove
Title: Thunderstorm
Remixer: DreamLife

The remix of Thunderstorm comes from DreamLife, an uprising Polish producer who is managing to keep a steady flow of quality releases. The signature of his productions are overly emotional breakdowns that have the power to touch your inner core. It is no different this time as well, the main theme is now upgraded with an awesome wind instrument that feels like thousands years old and yet so present in the current moment – it is timeless! The story continues with soft piano melodies until the dropdown comes and combines everything into one mix, giving us musical pleasure from head to toe.


Artist : Nago & Anemosphere
Remixer : AirLab7 and DreamLife
Title : Arctic Blue

Released by: Sundance Recordings

Release date: 07 November 2016

Hailing from Japan, Yukinobu Ito & Yojiro Haruna or better known as Nago & Anemosphere mark their debut on Sundance Recordings with a massive single track called 'Arctic Blue’.

The Japanese duo delivers Arctic Blue a massive uplifter and melodic vibes built for the peak time dancefloors. A deep and emotional touch to the track by adding a gentle piano and percussion.

After several successful releases, we are pleased to welcome back both producers, DreamLife and AirLab7 on
Sundance Recordings for remix duties.

First remix comes from DreamLife, who gives an epic emotional and a high energy rework guaranteed to delight the dancefloors!

Rounding things off, AirLab7 bringing a smashing and catchy melody. This remix is an innovative build up with a perfect driving basslines and powerful leads are what you can expect.

The release also includes an Intro Mix by DreamLife.



Hiromori Aso – You Are Not Alone (DreamLife Remix)

Released by: Pulsar Recordings

Release date:22 September 2016

Let the sweet melodies make your day as we introduce our newest release to your ears. The next one comes from Hiromori Aso, a Japanese producer who already proved himself with more than a couple of quality releases that are reminiscent of the old school sound. The newest production is titled You Are Not Alone, and as he told us, serves as a dedication to all the people out there who got bullied in their teen lives. The really fragile, plucked guitar in the breakdown tells exactly one such story, if things go too far, people can be left emotionally broken and without confidence to continue living their lives to the fullest. This song aims to offer comfort to everyone who got tormented, letting them know that they are not alone.

Another talented producer from Poland has took a challenge on himself to produce a remix for this track as well. His artist name is DreamLife and what he has done here has really surprised us. The composition takes the main concept to a whole new level. The sweet uplifting beats and melodies that will make your soul float away, is just what real trance music is all about. This take puts a perfect end to the story of Hiromori’s You Are Not Alone trance track.


Hey! New Release by Sundance Recordings
Artist : Alternate High & Marco Mc Neil
Remixer : DreamLife and Fredd Moz
Title : Insanity


Hi!! New Release  by Sundance Recordings

Track: DreamLife – Garden Nature

Remixer: Nick V , Abide

Date release: 22.08.2016



Hello everybody! 🙂

It came the long awaited moment. June 30 already come out my new remix for Delta IV – In My Dreams released by Pulsar Recordings. I hope that you will enjoy. Have a nice listening!
Delta IV In My Dreams

Hi! New my remix release in Velvet Tunes for my friend B.W.L. with beautiful vocals Angel Falls on Beatport. Welcome to the department MUSIC. 🙂



Hi! In  tab MUSIC my new track on the  Valentine’s Day. With a dedication to all lovers! 🙂

Nice listening!!



Welcome to my official website!